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Bring the beauty back to your deck!  

Over time, a wood deck can lose its luster. From the baking ultraviolet rays of the summer sun, to intense springtime rainfalls, to winter’s bone-chilling cold, a deck has to endure a wide variety of temperature and weather fluctuations along with human and pet traffic. This ultimately causes the deck staining to break down which in turn causes the wood to look old, gray and badly in need of repair. Even though your deck is constructed using pressure treated lumber and will last for a very long time, proper maintenance is the key to its longevity. The longer left untreated, the quicker the wood will deteriorate which will cost more in repairs. We also recommend a deck be cleaned annually to prevent mold and mildew build up and to prolong the beauty of your deck.

At Painting & Moore, we use only professional grade stains and/or toners that beautifully stain, seal and condition your wood. For best results, deck staining should be done every two years. Using a pigmented deck stain rather than just a clear sealer is very important. The colored pigments of deck staining are what reflect the harmful UV light away from your deck. Clear sealers will protect against water and moisture, but a clear sealer will soon allow the wood to turn gray from the ultra-violet light.

In order to provide years of beauty, wood decks require you do a little care and maintenance each year. Call our office to schedule your annual pressure washing and we will also evaluate the need for deck staining. 704-567-7781

Link(s): http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/decks/deck-care-and-maintenance/

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