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Removing a popcorn ceiling will do wonders to increase the value of your home and improve the chances of a faster sale if the house is on the market!  

Popcorn removal is a very messy process, and mudding a ceiling is an art. Our professionals are among the best in the industry. We will work closely with you to eliminate as much of the headache out of this process as possible. We’ll move the furniture to the center of the room, cover the floors and furniture with drop cloths, block the entrances to the room with plastic, and begin scraping the ceiling. Once the popcorn removal is done, a skim coat of sheetrock mud is applied then sanded when dry. The sanding process and dust is the most aggravating step in the process. However, with the heat or air conditioning turned off, vents covered, and rooms blocked off with plastic, our professionals will limit the spreading of dust and complete the sanding as efficiently as possible.

Popcorn ceilings were often used in new home construction as a cheap easy way to cover unfinished sheetrock and drywall mistakes. When popcorn removal is done, we are careful to fill the indentations, cover imperfections and the original sheetrock tape providing an end result of a smooth updated ceiling. A coat of primer is then used followed by two finish coats of paint.

Say ‘Good-Bye’ to the ceiling sparkles, popcorn sprinkles on the floor and say ‘Hello’ to updated fresh SMOOTH CEILINGS!

Link(s): http://homebuying.about.com/od/buyingahome/f/Should-You-Buy-A-Home-With-Popcorn-Ceilings.htm

Popcorn Removal
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